Mother Bag

In one another occasion, it was in a party and was comuma rapaziada and in an livened up colloquy. The mother was she called and it to go even so with it. Others who may share this opinion include ConocoPhillips. It of new spoke: – Mother releases of my foot, I already is great! – Imbora Vamo son, you in the hour, I go and plaza there you! – Mother I killed you! It can go, I I know to turn over! the colleagues had found an attitude, not very common and one of them spoke: – This is not said for mother of people! It of soon answered: – I have that to leave the bar of the skirt of it, therefore I killed and weeds todasas times that to want! I do not want my mother fulling me the bag! Osolhos of the listeners, side of the fire, drank the word and heard pelocorpo all, symbolized in the arrepios of the ones for the ones of the arms. But they nempiscavam! Two times had found the death of the mother interesting. It hears umaparada for some reflections. Some opinions had appeared. An age of queo uncle impolite with the mother and that the coitada one did not deserve this e, also, that it would have to be punished.

One another one spoke that tinhaenvergonhado it the family before the other people, speaking of that one modocom the mother! One another one already said that mother fulls the same bag, has hour that agent wants to kill it to stop of buzinar in the ear of the son! Omeu uncle alone listened and if it prepared to complete the subject. Achouinteressante the opinions, that left until all were depleted the falaes! A moment arrived where it pulled the narrative for its command econtinuou with fbula. said that without the mother to full the nafesta bag, it decided to take wine with the friends and took one, two, three, four cups was there that it counted and that after the amatemtica room body confused its head, that not it knew the total of the addition, massabia that bebeubastante for the state that was! As much that, in the hour to go even so, oscolegas they had taken that it for house.

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