Monitoring IP

With the evolution and popularizao of the computer networks, the majority of the new constructions already is being projected foreseeing future installations of these equipment, making with that the architects and engineers not only think about constructing, but in the security of the people who occupy the new enterprises. When we speak in implantation of a net for computers we cannot forget the constructions older than they come passing for adaptations stops implantation of these infrastructures searching if adjusts, to take care of the evolution of the technologies of the new systems of security saw computer network. The advent of the digital technology, not only in the CFTV services, has taken the market of telecommunications to the incessant search of the Convergence in the Services of Voice, Data and Images. It is unamimity today that the implantation of this convergence of services will be given through the Protocol of Internet IP. This exactly protocol already this being used as solution for the analogical-digital transistion of the CFTV systems, is the call Monitoring IP.

The technology of Monitoring IP is an alternative to the DVRs, since it also to provide a system with monitoring and digital monitoramento of high performance the cost lowest. In this system some cameras and servers of video can be connected the Ethernet net, already existing in the companies who use protocols TCP/IP, that are the case of the great majority of the computer networks. In this configuration, the digitalizao of the video is made in camera IP or through the servers of video (if the cameras will be analogical), and the computer network is used to transfer these images to a computer-server to storage. This configuration makes possible access to the images saw Internet, being able then the images to be had access and monitored remotely. Camera IP, although to serve to the same intentions of the analogical camera standard, provides to the users more functionality and economy.

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