Mobile Phone Networks

2013 Changes affecting the mobile networks, what to expect on the user? The expansion of mobile networks is always further ahead driven by network operators O2, Telecom, Vodafone and ePlus. The latest development is the LTE network that 2012 already used in many areas. In particular in the area of data expansion finds before committing itself instead of increased data usage by modern mobile phones and laptops with Surfstick make it necessary to invest more here. This trend is expected to continue in 2013. EPlus 2013 in the LTE area doing ePlus had bought any own LTE licenses and so far the expansion of HSDPA and HSDPA + focuses on data networks.

Mid-January 2013 but the company has announced to offer LTE frequencies 2013 also own. Thus, the new, fast data standard for ePlus customers would be usable. However, the provider wanted to call yet no concrete date. It’s so completely open, how long the ePlus customers must wait until LTE is available also with them. Vodafone wants to LTE coverage to 2015 Vodafone is already significantly more than at ePlus in the area of the LTE network. Vodafone had already 2012 massively invested in the expansion of the mobile network and can offer now more than 15 million households LTE. That you would like to be resting but but the expansion should be continued also 2013.

The current expansion has progressed the nationwide supply of all households with LTE until 2015 Telekom with 100-powered cities where telecommunications is also already very far goal. End of 2012 the Group spoke of 100 major cities you’ve largely supplied with LTE. As expansion target for 2013 and years called a coverage of approximately 85 percent you will have reached over the next 3 to 4 years. In addition, also within the LTE network changes are planned. So you want to make accessible the new data standard for prepaid customers. So far, LTE was a premium product that could be used only on the special fares. In the future this could change significantly, in particular the cost-conscious Users should look forward. On the whole the year could be 2013 where LTE arrives in the population at large and not only is a high end product. In addition to the expansion of the network but also a role will play, how the prices and tariffs. So far, there are only throttled LTE tariffs that are driven back from a certain volume in the speed. For most customers, this is not a complete substitute for the local DSL.

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