MO-CU Carrier Boards For LED Chips

New to cracking in semiconductor structures PLANSEE high performance materials has developed composite a new semiconductor mounting plate with the material of Mo-CU R670 for heat dissipation in LEDs. With exactly same thermal coefficient of expansion like sapphire material reduces possible defects in the semiconductor structure. So Mo-CU R670 contributes to a reliable production of LED chips and increases the efficiency of the light source. The most common manufacturing process for white LED chips (blue light spectrum) grown on gallium nitride-based semiconductor layers (GN) with the help of epitaxy (MOCVD) process on a substrate made of Sapphire (Al2O3). On the semiconductor layers, a metallic plate comes next for heat dissipation. It is connected with different connection methods at very high temperatures with the semiconductor. Brought tensions due to different thermal expansion can cause material cracks and structural defects. To avoid this, the metal carrier must have the same coefficient of expansion (CTE) such as Sapphire.

Most molybdenum is used as substrate. The material has good thermal conductivity and is particularly resistant to heat. Molybdenum but not exactly meets the thermal expansion coefficient of Sapphire (Al2O3). Specifically for high temperature bonded, Sapphire-based LED chips PLANSEE has therefore developed plates of the R670 molybdenum copper composite material. At room temperature, R670 has a thermal conductivity of 170 W / mK and 6.7 ppm / K exactly same expansion coefficient as Sapphire (Al2O3). PLANSEE provides its Mo-CU carrier plates optional with coatings of nickel-gold (NiAu), ruthenium, chrome, silver, and other contact materials. These coatings protect the substrate against corrosion and optimize the surface properties for the subsequent process of bonding thing. As one of the world’s leading manufacturer of refractory metals and composite materials, PLANSEE in addition to metal plates for heat dissipation provides numerous additional components for the production of LED chips and LED packages.

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