Microsoft Merge

Two multinational powers in the field of technology: Nokia and Microsoft are partnering to compete with Google and Apple in the burgeoning market smart phones, in a moment in which the Finnish firm tries to recover its position as the industry leader. Nokia said that he would use Windows Phone as software platform in its equipment as part of the renovation is carried out Stephen Elop, the new Chief Executive of the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones. Microsoft and Nokia will combine our forces to achieve an ecosystem with scope and global scale without rival, said Elop in London. Investors were not very convinced by the announcement and Nokia stocks more than fell 11 per cent in a market reaction to the comments from the company that 2011 and 2012 will be years of transition to cement the Alliance. The agreement on Friday delivers a breakthrough for Microsoft after years struggling to establish themselves in the cell phone market. Your Windows Phone was barely 2 per cent of the market in the last quarter.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is widely considered by experts of the industry as a leading-edge technology, but has not permeated with success among consumers. It’s an Alliance born of the fear of both sides to be marginalized by Apple and Google, but it is not a silver bullet, said analyst Geoff Blaber from CCS Insight. Nokia has lost ground quickly in the market for smart phones, wide margins, compared the iPhone from Apple and Google’s Android platform-based products. It is a very sincere acknowledgement that the Nokia platform strategy has failed and underlines the seriousness of the position of Nokia. Such a decision would have been unthinkable 12 months ago, Blaber added. In an attempt to curb the losses of Nokia, Chairman Jorma Ollila appointed Elop, coming from Microsoft, Executive Chairman of the company in September. The Executive of 47 years is the first Chief Executive of the company that is not Finnish. Original author and article source

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