Methodology the research was developed from a bibliographical revision specifies, deepening the theoretical study in the necessary methodology for the basement of this article of scientific initiation, taking care of to the requirements for the understanding of the subject to be boarded is: management of residues, solid residues urban, ambient impacts in lixes, handling of aterros, situation of the catadores of residues you recycle and reutilizao. The accomplishment was necessary of research, on the basis of quarrels on pertinent readings. The phase most important of the research was the field work, where referring information to the treatment had been collected and final destination of the solid residues and to the quality of life of the catadores of residues you recycle and you reused that they act in the urban areas and the lixes. 4.

Conclusion, results and quarrels On the basis of the process of implantation and in the gotten results we conclude that first we must create strategies for awareness of the collaborators, to give importance in the recycling, through lectures, articles, depositions of leaders of other companies citing videos with experiences of the proper employees. Table: relation of the time that lasts the solid residues. It can be observed that they are years that the residues can be in the environment. FonteCampanha ZiraldoComlurb websiteSMA Is SebastioDMLU POAUNICEF Material website Rind of banana or laranja2 anos2 the 12 the 6 Papel3 months meses3 months to several anos2 4 semanas3 months Paper plastificado1 the 5 Pano6 years months the 1 year Tip of cigarro5 anos10 the 20 anos3 months to several anos1 the 2 years Half of l10 the 20 Chiclete5 years anos5 anos5 anos5 years Wood pintada13 anos14 years Diaper descartvel600 NylonMais years of 3 anos30 years Bags plsticos30 the 40 Plstico100 anosMais years of 100 anos450 anos450 MetalMais years of 100 anosAt 50 anos10 anos100 CouroAt years 50 years indeterminate BorrachTempo Alumnio80 the 100 anos1000 anos200 the 500 anos200 the 500 Vidro1 years indeterminate million of anosTempo indeterminadoMais of 10 a thousand anosTempo indeterminado4 a thousand years Bottles plsticasTempo Packings Long Vida100 Palito years of fsforo6 months .

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