Independent of the conceptualization given to the metrologia in the area of the Education, it exists diverse expectations and 31 intentions related to the technician-scientific field aiming at to the inclusion of topics of metrologia, normalization and quality in the curricular lines of direction of graduation. Although the tenuous presence of the metrologia in the pertaining to school resumes, it has despertado great interest in professionals of some areas, how much to the necessity of the professional certification in metrologia 32. 2,5 Metrologia of the survival The metrologia is considered a strategical tool for allowing the society to more operate in levels each time raised of efficiency and productivity being, the essential element of the current partner-economic model, that emphasizes the importance of the quality minimizing wastefulnesses and maximizing the productivity. In the globalization process the country that does not lead in consideration the strategical importance of the metrologia, the normalization and the adequate quality to a necessity will be subject to one strong 33 trade barrier as well as the losses in the production and wastefulnesses of energy that represent excellent economic values, significant for the survival of the social segments. Currently the metrologia also is considered 34 one of the main tools to have access knowledge of the mechanisms in the origin and maintenance of the life by means of its practical use, therefore it mentions to a variety of techniques and equipment that allow to quantify a number significant parameters in the area of the health, therefore the evolution of the biological and medical knowledge and its implementation if they base on quantitative studies. Another field that says respect to the life, as the protection of the environment, has in the metrologia the half ones for measurement of parameters that define the quality of components related to our survival (air, water, pollution of the ground, radiations, the nuclear and industrial presence of agrotxicos, residues, noise and light amongst as much other elements).

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