It is, therefore essential that the clinical criteria of diagnose in reference to this ' ' aquilo' ' necessary for the life. Of the antropolgico point of view if it cannot see the death of the man primarily or exclusively as a biological problem, but neither if it can do without the biological data total. The death human being is not, therefore, only the decomposition of a living organism, but the destruction of its existence human being: impossibility to later state the personal life in the world. It is death human being because the spirit is present in the reality of the human being. If I was not spirit, the death for me would not only exist, would be the corruption of my body. Of a Metaphysical reflection he results that each material substantial being, while composed of raw material and substantial form, the corruption is subject to, that is, to the substantial mutation: separation of the substantial form of the raw material.

The man is man for the substantial form human being: the soul: corpse is not man because it is informed of one another substantial form that is not that one of the man. The death is the crisis of the substantial union that is each man. The antropolgico dualism that sobressai with Plato, and the materialistic anthropologies had shown the trend constantly to confirm the death in the purely biological sphere. The same estimated ones of this interpretation present difficulty. The man is not an objective body that is exterior on to the spirit. The body is primarily a human body. To the light of the unit of the man with the proper body, the death is not never only or primarily a biological, objective and neutral fact; before yes a existencial condition human being. It is not only the body that dies; he is the man who dies.

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