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So, a thermostat-controlled heating is already considered a typical simple cybernetic system. The bold words prove the incompetence of the quoted! 112 lectures, 12 symposia mass rather than class. The bandwidth of Cybernetics research is great. At the Congress are 112 presentations and 12 symposia topics as diverse as a « Schumpetersches model of energy markets » (University of Bremen) and attempting to make the air traffic control (computer science laboratory of Paris) more reliable. Eva Buchinger focuses on the relationships and interactions between social micro -, meso – and macro-level, however, the Division systems research of the Austrian research centers (ARC). And representatives of the Spanish University of Jaen present a technique nonlinear systems to assess. Cybernetics pioneer Trappl, Professor of medical Cybernetics at the Medical University of Vienna and Director of the Austrian Research Institute for artificial intelligence (oFAI), and others engaged in so-called intelligent software agents.

« We are trying to explore how computers understand written or spoken language, process and express », so Trappl. The question: « How we can make out what constitutes human thought, in the computer in intelligent software agents? » In particular, be interested in the oFAI researchers, style = « text-decoration: underline; »> how you could breathe emotion to the programs. … not Herr Professor, even your great-grandson not! Why have you actually learn anything useful your parents? Something for the good of humanity? why ask here for the method (how?). The what? save yourself already. Little as how there will be a perpetual or an eggs legend wool milk sow, so little is the perfect human-like machines or computer type.

Even if you hold still 19 more congresses. Why? Because you can build a gene, never a human cell and a genome. Anyway, you miss the 4.5 billion years for the trial run! Their modern neural networks do not begin replace the human brain because you also still long to understand. BBs fail the current Profiler at the elements, parameters and their relationships to each other. You fail on the form (part and wave) and the transfers: Chemistry electricity chemistry. You all still don’t really understand how the actions and emotions selbstreferenziell rules the mind with a feedback and in altering the shape over time! You can not even tell me what my dog is when he sees me! What a pity! How much good could it do for children with your pointless out raised research funds. Hartz 4 also clearly social issued Volks fortune would be us all!

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