Martinez Professors

The Universities fit to stimulate its pupils to think with intellectual autonomy so that the inquietudes contribute for a solid learning. This growth will be the reply for that they leave the zone of the conformismo and the passivity. Wisely these words had been written by Martinez (1997, p.195) ' ' the creative professors, necessarily for its opening to the experience, have greaters possibilities, to not only elaborate, but also to assume of the strategies and techniques that potencializam its creative action in room of aula' '. Professional qualification is an indispensable item that it needs to be impregnated in that they desire I officiate to exert it to teach. The ability necessary human being to be improved. Who works with necessary education to love the people and to like to coexist them. The work for the search of the innovation is continuous, but compensating when we look at the gotten results, and this necessary reality to be lived deeply by the educandos.

Therefore, it is basic that in the practical one of the teaching formation, the educator apprentice assumes that indispensable to think certain he is not present of deuses, nor if he finds in the guides of professors whom illuminated intellectual they write since the center of the power, but for the opposite, certain thinking that he surpasses the ingenuous has that to be produced by the proper apprentice in communion with the formed professor. (FREIRE, 1999, P. 43). The necessary formation of professors to be dynamic so that the apprentice of educator as cited above for Freire, learns to know itself exactly and thus to surpass the negative aspects in the life, hinders that it to look at stops beyond the theories. Ahead of the question one asks is in the thought. Which feelings are being despertados in the pupils in relation to the school (teaching formation) and to the act to teach? Alencar, (1996, P.

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