Looking For Holiday Gifts?

Internet portal reported about new holiday trend reisen.de: spark species long planning instead of last minute travel? Anticipation instead of surprise? For anyone who can enjoy holiday on a last minute not quite, there is now another reason to plan the vacation and maybe even like once every year in the favorite village in Austria to drive: the types of the spark. Not just since today there are. So the oldest regional savings card exists, the Neusiedler See card »in Burgenland, for ten years. But until today the savings card is a real holiday trend, what is related mainly to the tough economic times. Speaking candidly EOG Resources Inc. told us the story. Because their financial and organizational advantages are obvious: A savings card offers free or reduced access to over one hundred regional leisure facilities such as swimming pools, mountain railways or museums. Participating restaurants but the tourists themselves, pay or the purchase mostly in the project where the price in a range of 36 to 50 euro. Thus, spending on holiday are planned.

But not only the tourists themselves benefit from it, but also the local tourism industry. Because you left earlier due to bad weather, this almost never happens. Instead use the offer on the spot and simply come back next summer. So far, only German-speaking countries offer this service. Among them Austria has evolved offers to the secret first place winners in the types of spark. But also the Switzerland needs with their network of spark types not to hide.

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