It is true, not However, that technology is making it possible a process of communication that we will see in all their development in the coming years, allowing conducive mental and emotional responses. The very fact of communication increases the parameters of freedom. In the communication, to put it another way, the materialization of the new reality lies. It is not singing praises to the technological artifacts of instantaneity, but assert that they have produced a qualitative change in the contents of the communication. As I also said in another part, communication Tames to self, it makes people start to discover the social, which reappears the social as collective interest. Some Essayists have called this democratic society I have described as instituent and in permanent motion, a society in transformation. It is obviously based on the self-organizing, one where the interaction fulfils its role of improving through awareness.

That is, through the absorption value of symbiotic relationships, implying a change in values. The expiration of the existing paradigms, or the defeat of inertia, should be sought by means of innovative and unusual approaches that, with all logic in human processes, they will be discarded by the institutionalized environment ab home. The demolition of the dogmas is not an easy or quick process, but the contribution of new technologies of communication Exchange will be a key trigger. The uselessness of the old paradigms is illustrated when the man begins to suspect that no longer serve him successfully to the solution of the conflict or problems. It is clear that the revocation of the above requires a sustained effort because data and assumptions should reassess. Require new paradigms, generate or adopt new actors. When the new ignite in consciousness you will enter a custom to the crowd. New paradigms are hubbub in Linguistics, geography and communication, just to name a few areas. They must also appear in the field of politics and recover the subjectivity of the human.

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