Latin America

Unhappyly, this jewel is practically inencontrvel throughout the country. One proves of that the Brazilian education is well far from reaching the ideal point. Still more with a great number of people relieved to the modern technological inventions, to the trivialities of the daily life and to the apelos of the consumerism. Until it seems that, contributing, the lack of interest, commitment of the educational authorities, the politicians and the society exists (almost in general). Therefore, when it has a research between countries, more or less of the same level, is, unhappyly Brazil, in ‘ ‘ rabeira’ ‘ , and we start to ahead belong to the category of the losers, making bitter the shame of the defeat of the other countries, also, of Latin America. Great part of the people, in our country, does not value the true artists, writers and professors, exactly because it does not withhold a good level of escolaridade. Few very little young concludes average education and, the superior.

Such lacks if disclose, therefore, in everything or almost everything, mainly in the culture and the work. Today, to educate a person does not correspond, only, to fortify the intellect to it, therefore the education is multifaceted: one all divided in fractions, thus each one would have sufficiently to deserve attention of the school and the proper family. Let us think about the fraction that corresponds to the ethics of the individuals. It would have to be infused in the citizen, of more tenra age to the call adultez. Thus, all the other fractions. Being, however, deducted one, two, three of them, it is the comparable human being to a mutilated person, and all perceiving the weak points to it. The school, therefore, and the family very needs well to be prepared in order to offer to the society cultured, ethical people, apt to the work, to the relationships, conscientious how much to the problems ambient politicians and.

An apt person, really, to step on the soil of the gift and the future next, contrasting with innumerable existing citizens. Nobody, however, lives to the cost of dreams. One becomes necessary to fight so that everything can occur, and the education to change its profile, becoming the conscientious man of the current problems, that demand doses of reflection, preparing it so that it can have conditions to face the vicissitudes that will be able to occur to it more to the front. In the situation where the state and the country meet, as will have the individual conditions to wait the future, still more unprepared to be able to face it? It fulfills to the Brazilian citizens to demand of the classroom politics and the educational authorities a worthier future for the national education. It is the silversmith who constructs ‘ ‘ man of ouro’ ‘ for the contemplation and the applause of all.

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