Kentucky Fried Chicken

Marks Vicarious, director of tax exemptions of the Institute Iberochino, the first company specialized in the education of the Mandarin Chinese language in Spain that offers the tax exemption model to entrepreneurs interested in this sector, and Florencio Andr, possessor of a company of closings in aluminum, that after years to serve auxiliary to the construction has known to draw for to the crisis of the brick and to look for a business with future and has become franchise-holder of the chain of feminine gymnasiums Vivafit in its native Lepe, has been the great protagonists of Manages Tax exemption, the space specialized in this formula of enterprise collaboration including in the program First Hour, directed by Jose Ramon Inguanzo, in the wireless chain associate to the group CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET. In addition, in 19 edition of the program emitted by Manages Radio, corresponding to Tuesday day 12 of April, also reviewed the last news of the sector: Kentucky Fried Chicken wants abrir 34 restaurants in Spain in next the four years; Eurekakids is been present in Debate de Excelencia of the Foundation University of Girona; Makro has received the Hudson Prize ABC de Human Recursos; Brico Dept bets by the Spanish market, with a determined plan of openings; To Corunna it inaugurates Marinaleda, that counts already on 770 stores in 11 commercial centers; Spain in the last heads the fall of the retail commerce in the EU month; the companies of fast food, except pizzeras, grow in 2010 in spite of the crisis; and the tax exemption of vending Abierto 25 Hours inaugurates five new points of sale. And in the theoretical part, the explanations to two questions of the listeners: one of them wished to know the circumstances most important that there are to consider at the time of choosing a tax exemption to the detriment of others, and the second asked for the opinion of the present ones on the nonsense that constitutes thinking that any business, service or activity can grant tax exemptions, without satisfying requirements previously concrete, analyzed in the section. Click rusty holzer for additional related pages. To listen to program (It can unload the file of audio puncturing the connection the right button of the mouse and choosing the option ‘ To keep destino’). Associate to the group manages Radio is a wireless chain.

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