Kathrin Widmayr

Multiairflow technology moisture is removed from all the time the cooling area, and there is no unhygienisches condensation on the rear panel. Everything at a glance both Models are equipped with a digital touch display, so that the desired temperature directly above the external display can be adjusted. Inside LED lighting an overview optimal customers and is lighter and more fuel efficient than a conventional lighting. That extra a very special highlight has the top model GB 7138 SWXZ: equipped with a twist freezer ice cubes can be here in the blink of an eye freely produced. Which ensures even more freshness at the GB 7138 contained SWXZ moist balance crisper a cover in their grooved surface accumulates moisture from fruits and vegetables, which then is returned as needed. Depending on the type of food that can be stored up to four days.

The GB is available 7138 SWXZ March 2012 for an RRP of 1049 euros commercially available, that variant with premium Platinum is front for 1099 euro (MSRP) on the German market. With a size of only 1.85 metres, the combination has 343l. 5237 SWFZ is also the GB from March 2012 in the German market available for a MSRP of 929 euro or 949 euros with premium Platinum front. With a size of 1.90 metres, the combination has 335l. Learn more about cooling freezer combinations of LG Electronics on our website.

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