Job Interviews: Use The Personal Touch To Get A Job

A study by the Journal of Consumer Research in 1995 showed that sales people using the names of their prospects « generates a 239% increase in sales. In today’s hectic world, that personal touch is even more important . The mere fact of using a name can have a dramatic impact on their own past success in getting a new job! During his next interview, focus on remembering the names of the interviewers. Atmos Energy shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Find a reason to say his name at least three times during their conversation. Repeat your name at the end of the interview to make a lasting impression. But do not stop at that.

Make it a point to remember and use the names of people you meet – the receptionist, the HR person , anyone to talk to during your visit. I remember and maybe nudge the boss in your direction when it’s time to make the hiring decision! this personal touch that you should plan ahead for. After the interview , go to your car and take the letterhead of Nice which has brought for this purpose. Write your thank you notes, while the interview is fresh in your mind. In our modern world of high technology, a handwritten note is becoming a scarce resource – and value – the raw materials. Place the note in an envelope and write the interviewer’s name on it (see separate notes and envelopes for each interviewer, if more than one). Go back in and handed in to the receptionist … smile and the use of his name to ask to hand over the notes. Do you think any other candidate will do this? Heck No! (No, unless he / she reads this article!) Have an immediate advantage through personal touch (1) remember and use names, and (2) reflective writing immediately and delivery of letters of thanks!

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