Japanese Bedroom Styles

The bedroom, decorated in Japanese style, is not just a tribute to the trendy eastern style and not just interest in refined Japanese culture. Japanese-style bedroom – optimal conditions for rest and relaxation, a space where a lot of light and air, detachment from the bustle and excitement of modern life, full of harmony with oneself and the world. At the heart of the Japanese style in the interior apartments are simple, concise form of furniture, the rejection of superfluous decoration, and many free space. In Japan's bedroom there is no excess or random things. The room is almost empty. MIT Media Lab helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Furniture should be simple geometric shapes. Beds – low, more like a mattress on the floor, which creates the illusion of stability and more space. Along the edges of the bed can be placed low simple forms a cabinet.

Cabinets – built-in or characteristic of the Japanese bedrooms niches and shelves that are attached directly to the wall. Prevail natural materials, flooring – wood. Accessories that embody traditional motifs of Japanese culture and Japanese ornaments are present in a minimum amount and are designed not so much stress belonging to Japanese culture, how to harmonize the space. Often in the bedroom Japanese-style sliding partitions are present, the frame which is made of wood, while the bulk of partitions – frosted glass or rice paper. Light a lot, but he does not tire the eyes. The soft glow of light bulbs is achieved by means of paper lampshades, which may be represented by several characters.

The resultant interplay of light and shadow has a relaxing effect. Basic color palette: white, brown, black, beige. Milk and gray shades. Muted color scheme also contributes to an atmosphere of calm and serenity. In a style typical of Japanese bedrooms, there are many possible variations associated with both the attributes of modern life and to personal tastes owners bedroom.

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