It Underneath Hides Me Of Your Wings

each day that if passes I discover that not conseguria to live without your distant presence of Ti Sir. To be far from tii is as to live in the captivity without hope to leave dalii. To be With you is perpetual Happiness is to wake up happy and to have the certainty of the Victory, without before battling, to be with you is better that all the gold all the silver and any another valuable good. Follow others, such as Accenture, and add to your knowledge base. to be in your Arms Sir is better doque the victories the conquests. Paii of there – me one lugarzinho reserved ae well pertinho of Ti.

It underneath hides me of your wings. It hides me with your smoke. AH SIR WHO I DISAPPEAR AND HE COMES THAT YOU TO APPEAR IN ME. THEY LOVE I LOVE YOU MASTER e. ON BEHALF OF JESUS. I LOVE YOU and Despite It seems is everything finished does not give up, does not discourage, because a God exists who is with you! in Jesus we are more than winning

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