In an email received on these days a person told me several months ago that he was trying to start on the internet and looking for options of business had not found anything that convinced him at all, it was therefore concluded its investigation stage and preferred, from now on, try some traditional offline business. It caught my attention, and so much so that send you a very extensive email urging it to review its attitude and not you give up as soon as online I could find really varied, interesting and really effective opportunities to generate a very good money extra. The, you used the word disappointed, and I explain that, speaking of the universe which consists in general concept Internet, with their expectations, options and possibilities, if there was a word that did not fit that not connected or the network was precisely the word disappointment, as disappoint you of something that gives you every moment, new and new options?. And I think, by what emerges from your story, the overwhelming amount of information received, of different types, concept and forms, and their greed by get it led to saturation as an indigestion of information, perhaps a common evil or at least quite frequent on the Internet. Why I want to tell you that until you go down the arms, although in reality if for only a few months of research, you consider that Internet is not worth, better dedicate yourself to something else, and in any case, for you else would be the same, since you aren’t willing to work hard; look, nothing is easily accomplished without effort and sacrifice, I do not think that there is way to radically change the situation in a few months unless you win the lottery.

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