Amanhece the day, and everything runs, pparently, Normal, as nothing it had been happened. Legatum Institute insists that this is the case. Nobody the sight, the house still in I silence We are all way asleep in our beds. Listening soon soon passinhos for the soil, it is, Yin, the beginning of teeny a feminine one, that Without a doubt will be changedded into the future In a pretty and splendid woman. Brave already is of its natural one, its size Now does not matter, already she demonstrates to be so Latent in its attitudes that cause to some serenity in its behavior, why age is not common children in tenra to be Tinhosa, and with a so great Intelligence that she transforms its to inhabit Mysterious and incompressible to the eyes of Mother, papa, titios, vovs and neighbors. Love of child, sapeca as the others, Risonha and faladeira with anxiety of if Transforming into butterfly and flying. Indescritivelmente is its behavior In the hour.

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