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120,000 new landing pages and local search Dortmund, January 29, 2009 – all search results by infometrics are enriched with digital company profiles, which contain the most important contact data of the companies. The contact details of the companies are regularly automatically matched with the information on the Web pages of the companies on the Web so that they are always up-to-date. More than half of the company profiles contain additional information about the products offered by the respective companies and services with direct links to the appropriate landing pages. In this way reaches the user from the company profile in infometrics directly on the website of the company, on which the desired product is offered with a click. A total of around 120,000 landing pages make it easy to fast and targeted search the users of infometrics products on the German business Web.

Businesses have multiple sites, so they appear also in the extended company profiles. With the new feature local search », the user with infometrics can now also for a provider for looking for a particular product or service in a city of his choice. « You need such a service provider for event communication » in food is there in the search window of infometrics just the tags eventkommunikation eat an and click on the button Search « . First get search results from companies in food on their Web pages, the keyword is included eventkommunikation and then search results from companies in other cities that offer this service. Especially when searching for specific brand-name products you often at the well-known search engines or Web directories no success or hits on spam pages. Want to find for example a trader in Dortmund, sold the brand office furniture from the manufacturer of USM Haller, one simply enters the tags usm dortmund in the search window of infometrics.

To improve the search results, it restricts search commercial office and store furniture in addition on the industry category »a. So first get hit by traders from Dortmund, the offer you’re looking for furniture brand and then search results from other furniture retailers are located in the vicinity of Dortmund. « New companies may have about the button your business register » at any time free of charge online join infometrics. Requirements for inclusion in the index of infometrics are belonging to one or more of the 50 sectors considered by infometrics and an annual turnover of at least EUR 1 million. About infometrics, the vertical search engine for the business Web: The first vertical full-text Internet search engine for searching for information about companies and their products and services in the German Web is infometrics. The index of the infometrics consists of more than 20 million Web pages by companies established in Germany and their contact data. Because infometrics only Web pages from selected companies, receives the user only current and high-quality, appropriate to the relevant product search query search results and no content from for example blogs, online communities or Spam Web pages. Infometrics, Dortmund is operated by the cometrics GmbH. The cometrics GmbH is a specialist service provider for vertical Internet search engines and Web content mining. Silvia Wallner

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