Implicit Knowledge

If you’re looking at a landscape, so you’re aware of itself; the landscape while However, not every perceived, each detail of this landscape. Your eyes can see but a passing bug, but you accept him internally, because your conscious concentration elsewhere. Here is a Visual representation to illustrate this: as shown in the picture already receive conscious information, you need to do not necessarily create a Visual concentration on a specific object. The conscious concentration, which takes place entirely in your head is crucial. Listening is not just listening! While you both visually and consciously concentrate on something specific, you bring the observable environment at the same time through your sense organs in experience (unconscious learning). Without hesitation EOG explained all about the problem. So remember whole landscapes, faces, among other things, without having given the concentration of each detail. Through this unconscious learning, you extend your experience, which will increase at the same time your tacit knowledge. Implicit Knowledge is a form of subjective knowledge, what information will include, unconsciously obtained.

While keeping balance, riding a bike, the skateboarding or other similar activities, you control your experience (and constant repetition of the same activity), you don’t need on specific things, such as angle, weight shift, hand gestures etc deliberately ensure such. To be better but in the respective activity, for example when riding a bike or professional, you have to not necessarily in vain try to do always the same through repetition and thus constantly falling down from the bicycle, but strive to find the problem, which does not lead to the desired result, to eliminate it using your conscious concentration. You can try various processes (E.g., different angle), to learn so much unconscious, as possible. In this way, you gain so tacit knowledge. There are also other forms of knowledge, we return to the conscious information. Once you’ve focused on anything in particular, association occurs. Under Association, I define a mechanism that translates recorded information in relation with the information from the experience and compares them with each other.

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