You like to hang about on the spot. The same theme discusses the tenth time. You perform the same exercises, reading and translating the same texts. 4. Homework is not checked. Lecturer, setting homework, 'forget' to check it. Homework or general is not verified or checked if you already have successfully forgotten. 5.

Your teacher gives unverified information. Your teacher told you anything, and you later learn that all is not so, or the "exact opposite". 6. Your teacher can not make the lessons fun and interesting, ie, to motivate you. Classes are held sluggish and boring. Time hangs indefinitely. Like and the material interesting and motivation to learn English there, but teacher is absolutely no charisma, so in my head is spinning only thought 'When this is all finally over? " 7.

Your teacher can not explain clearly misunderstood your material or to answer specific question. Teacher again and again gives the same explanation that you already know from the textbook. Can not focus your attention on such details or examples that 'puts everything in its place' in your head. 8. Your Lecturer nedelikaten (nepolitkorrekten) in communicating with you. Without your consent, speaks openly or indirectly alludes to your intimate (sexual, religious, national, gender, physical, etc.) features. Most Important qualities your teacher should be: 1. 'Volume' and flexible thinking Availability intellectual capacity to convert two-dimensional, flat object (situation) in a multi-dimensional, volumetric, taking into account all the nuances of the situation, allows to understand the principles and mechanisms of functioning of various systems, even educational, psychological, social, political and all.

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