GPS Vehicle Monitoring

We would like to draw attention to the fact that the direction of navigation today is not a mystery, heard about this many, but not everyone uses. Only now beginning to think about the introduction of satellite tracking transport. The same way it happened with cell phones. First, mobility was not available for most, Then the phone came in almost every home. The most common and known to date form Navigators – a pda with Navigator or car navigator, which allow to get from point A to point B in an unfamiliar city. Our navigation equipment installed on board the transport, allows a Internet remotely analyze the movement of vehicle in real time. It gives the opportunity to observe the object, analyzing the trajectory, velocity and other parameters of its motion.

Called it – monitoring vehicles. Scope of application of such devices is large enough. Starting from the companies involved in trucking, taxis, any vehicle fleets, until the private car owners, all other vehicles with . agis provide a clear and rational control over your vehicle:-monitoring the vehicle using satellite navigation mapping location and condition of the vehicle-automatic response to user-defined events;, preventing the possibility of theft of fuel-cost savings for the repair of the vehicle-identification dishonest employees;-improving route planning and transportation security;-documentation and systematization of information and all user actions in the journal sistemy.Sistema agis oversees transportation for the following parameters:-the current location;-traveled route from the given control points, the velocity of movement, the number of fuel tanks, fuel, travel expenses;-fuel consumption, its filling and plums;-load, the position of tools (for machinery), opening doors, etc.; .- motion;-time and sites;-speed motor, the number of HOURS; connection "panic button";-management ustroystvami.GPS executive control system of transport as possible to:-display routes reporting facilities for any period of time;-display the map position of vehicles at the current time (on-line control of transport);-store all information in the local database of gps monitoring of traffic, allowing not have a permanent connection to the Internet;-store all information for a month at the exit of the transport of the network GSM;-be trip tickets in the familiar form and stored in the database, generate reports on site visits and automatically compare them to the driving assignments;-be tabular and graphical reports Fuel consumption, mileage, speed, travel time, etc., for any period for each vehicle or driver.

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