Changes with balance for Gomez, the use with success of this contractual figure denotes the corporate commitment to the productive model change and support for a generation of young people, without having contributed to the problem that has led them to unemployment more than anyone suffering from its consequences. Put so many proposals on the table to support young people as they are, but also support the employment opportunity that has this contract, has asked to entrepreneurs, at the time who has refused to be a contract trash. The Minister said that in 2011 the Government has addressed the more intense changes in the labour market in the last quarter of a century and that despite the fact that you don’t know if they will be sufficient, since the economic cycle will tell, a country should not change every year its labor law. In this sense, it has pointed out that the changes must be made from the balance, because without balance labour market is no longer an institution and becomes a jungle. Gomez has pointed out that the labor reform approved last year introduced improvements in the training contract and has said that the latest data show that this type of contract has increased by 16% in the past twelve months. However, it has had an impact on the problem of youth unemployment requires a more ambitious response and it has insisted that it can not be left without alternatives to tens of thousands of young people who have no training and are being condemned to unemployment by the fact of having fulfilled 25 years. In this regard, it has argued that deep substrate of job insecurity is not so much the modality of the contract, but the provision or not of professional qualification and added that the new contract contains all rights of social protection, unemployment or pension provision. .

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