Google Directories

Article directories today are the most powerful means of promotion of sites on the Internet. Because the article directories provide a separate page to accommodate statti author, who is allowed to write all the most precious thing he has in mind, and then when people stumble on this article, they will go directly to the site’s search out any other useful information to them. Then there is a directory of articles offering my page on someone else’s third-level site, and that would write an article grammotno and visitors to send a link to your site, then it is art. Today, Internet is a cornucopia of information, a person who is able to search desired information on the Internet can find literally everything, even what is stored in closed access. So how do you write an article to be, first, find visitors, and secondly, so that visitors want to link to this article on your site.

All of this about understood perfectly. Faced with the moderation of the directory of articles, you visit a lot of thought, that, first, write, and secondly, as they write. Most articles are written very clearly directory, and have a readable appearance, but a small percentage of absurdity, which is obtained after stirring articles by special programs. This is to ensure that when we send an automatic on article directories, instead of a single article to send several articles which are easy to obtain peremeshku one article. Well, what can we say about such directories, which accept such articles, life in the SERP Yandex and kugel such catalogs and not as long. In near future, but rather a close and these catalogs are subject to filters Yandex and Google, and thus placement of articles in these directories is becoming besmyslennym, even in automatic mode.

It looks like about you write an article on your computer, it multiplies, and then delete all that you wrote and start all over again. That’s also the placement of articles in the directories, which bans Yandex, these articles are somewhere there, but nobody ever sees. Now, after writing this article is Next> step, sending the catalogs of articles, as it happens, atomaticheski or manually, it does not matter. The very essence of mailing, if people say, has blinded the press says one article in twenty minutes, then of course he wants to reward his time spent to become. How does he do it. Since an article, and links should be put a lot, so he does, sculpts the body of the article a bunch of links, I do not considered them, but it is molded and twenty links, hoping to increase the link popularity of your site. How does an increase in citation index of such sites in such a placement of the article. First, the moderator immediately upon Moderation article directory submit your article to the basket, adyus sinere, what did you do it for you moderator. The second case, the moderator does not edit the article and does not check the directory, and articles are added automatically.

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