« Usage of bi-cube single sign-on (SSO) for TOYOTA tradition quite in keeping with the TOYOTA tradition of the KAIZEN » – the constant improvement and perfection – the TOYOTA Germany has become after the successful launch of bi-cube identity & access management solution (IAM) now also for use of bi-cube single sign-on (SSO) of the Rostock software manufacturer iSM Institute for System-Management GmbH decided, in a second step the Administration to simplify and improve. This is TOYOTA Germany GmbH (TDG) in the enterprise management following the declared principles and corporate values, which the Japanese multimedia company and world’s third largest automobile manufacturer in the manufacture of its products on the flag writes itself: innovation, technology leadership, quality and safety. « Variation of the slogan of TOYOTA optimal drive: lowers fuel consumption and emissions, boosts performance and driving fun » motto of the internal registration procedure of Toyota employees could be in the future: Toyota « Optimal login: lowers costs, increases comfort, performance and safety » the SSO software solution in combination with the biometric fingerprint procedures to bring Toyota namely same fourfold benefits: a significant increase of user comfort and increase the work efficiency of employees, the discharge of the user help desk through the Elimination of password resets and a further increase in safety through the automated, simplified registration and secure authentication. 500 user will authenticate in the future only once via fingerprint the fingerprint sensor a biometric device (mouse) to the operating system (one of several options for identify, among which E.g. also the ID, smart card, security token and SMS token). He can then call all major applications, which the employee may use in a desktop: the SSO signs him up there automatically. Via a wizard, he can absorb even very easy more applications locally. The danger, due to a variety of different passwords to use simple and perhaps more generally accessible to keep them (yellow sticky notes!), is thus averted.

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