GmbH Network

The safe solution for the hotel industry at least as important as a clean Internet solution of Valentine and functionally furnished room is today a reliable Internet connection for hotel guests. GuestConnect makes it easily possible to meet this wish of the guest’s hoteliers. For many business travelers, the selection and booking a hotel room or conference room is absolutely dependent on a well-functioning and secure Internet connection. The use of Internet access is a natural standard, on which the guest is often rely on today. The Valentine solution GmbH based in the Westphalian Soest has designed a customized solution with GuestConnect. The company offers the establishment and maintenance of a dedicated Internet access for guests specially for the hotel industry. These service packages and scope can be requirements selected and adapted.

The requirements of the network structures for the hospitality industry differ considerably from those of a conventional commercial installation. It depends on, as efficient parallel to operate two separate networks. It used the first network to ensure the business processes of the hotel management. The second network provides guests access to all web-based services available. This separation is addressed by two major aspects: first of all to increase the availability, because a failure of the network would affect only a part in the normal case. However, the so reached network security is far more important. « Due to the physical separation of the network services is a hack » of hotel guests no longer possible processes. Thus, the hotelier about nasty surprises is safe.

The Valentine solution GmbH is familiar with the requirements of the hotel industry for years. Starting from an in-depth analysis of the existing infrastructure and the wishes of the customer, an optimisation of the existing network or a complete new installation is made depending on the needs. GuestConnect is suitable both for smaller hotels that do not have their own technology staff, as well as for large hotel chains. Depending on requirements, the Valentine solution GmbH offers support service contracts to ensure the permanent availability of the network. About Valentine solution GmbH the Valentine solution GmbH, headquartered at Soest, North Rhine-Westphalia was founded in 2007 as IT consulting company. The focus is still on the topics of IT project management, infrastructure and energy efficiency. The consultants of Valentine solution GmbH have varied project experience in companies of all sizes and industry affiliation. This expertise, coupled with high flexibility makes it possible to find the right solution for every requirement.

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