Gain Mass Muscle

As you probably already know, the only way to gain muscles is perform exercises with weights. But these exercises really give results, you must attach adequate food, that gives you energy and proteins needed to gain muscle mass. If you are following a workout with weights, you should eat between 500 and 1000 calories extra daily. These calories should consist of 60% carbohydrates and 40% protein. Carbohydrates are them will bring the necessary energy so that the muscles can exercise. A diet with insufficient food of this kind, will make you feel exhausted and you can not comply with the routine.

You must choose the carbohydrates of low glycaemic index, which are those that give you energy for a longer time, and does not have a tendency to accumulate in the form of adipose tissue. They are: fruits and vegetables, whole grains (brown rice, whole wheat bread) and dairy products. You should eat at least three servings of fruit, two cups of milk or yogurt, and a couple of servings of cereals by day. The high glycemic index carbohydrates, provide power for a short time, and tend to accumulate in the form of fat in the body, so its consumption is not recommended. Within this group of foods we have: white bread, potatoes, white rice, sweets, etc. Proteins are a very important part of the power to gain muscle mass, since they are what make possible the growth of muscle tissue.

Foods that provide greater amount of proteins are: red meat, chicken, Turkey, fish, dairy products and egg whites. A good way to combine the food needed to gain muscle mass, is to make a rich batter: put milk, yogurt or ice cream in your blender, you add some fruit and powdered whey proteins, bates a few minutes and go. To see which is the proven plan for any naturally skinny man can finally increase muscle mass, please click here. Original author and source of the article.

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