The eternal present sonnet stop the spring between my hands Tersas as the light of your caresses, incredible gifts your glad tidings humans are divine, superhuman. Divine even though human beings are your plans exempt from malice and without a malicias generous unaware of greed, abounding infinite, sovereign. Don’t terminate your divine blooming spring ephemeral is eternal love my being and your so cute. I don’t want to die with you absent, hold me in your everlasting moment eternal immensity, oh God present! The experience of God, only man is not ephemeral. The embrace of my sonnet father heart is pure and is my mind and his eyes, which look my El Dios innocence of my childhood, I in his eternal presence live of this yesterday. Me clean of sin and be innocent before the judge who searches my existence, its whiteness magazine my conscience with God in the transparent look. Come the Kingdom of God, which to me appear, malice and guilt clear case do not exist before God nor by chance. As a child my caress belongs me and I move closer to her lap, eternal father of Christ, I hug! Look pure and innocent childhood, God and nature. Friendship sweet home sonnet know that my immortal soul is not of this earth, my body if it is ground a fist with odor and flavor to my homeland. I’m in search of peace, my only war. Find the truth life holds and in the depths of the soul its cuno, is treasure learning being that I coined in blue sky, the Summit by the saw. Despite the fact that I measured every year my awareness of being is without size, love and home of God, the infinite. It enlightens me heart and I not mistaken all yours in your hand so beautiful, Oh divine friendship, silence is cry! Land of God, heart infinite is our home.

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