Fire Alarm Sensors

Security, magnetic contact sensors are designed for mounting on doors, gates, windows and so on. Danny kind of sensor consists of two parts, executed in the same buildings, in one case the magnet is located in another area. data sensors on the opening as soon as the magnet is removed from the reed switch for 2 – 5 cm (depending on sensor type) contacts the reed switch opens, creating an alarm. When installing, consider the following factors affect the sensors. 1. Typically, the reed switch mounted on the stationary part of a door or window, and a movable magnetic fabric, although in some cases can be set and vice versa. 2. The gap between the magnet and reed switch should be from 2 to 6mm.

It is important that the magnet iwere on the same axis, in particular it is important for sensors hidden (internal) installation on metal doors. . It is desirable to install the sensor at a distance of no more than 25 cm from the solution by leaf, in its the upper part, opposite the hinges. . When installing the sensor should be aware that by impact or other physical effects of reed bulb can (destroyed). designed to open construction of wood, plastic, aluminum is designed for flush mounting on the above for its mounting holes drilled to diameter 9mm.) is designed for flush mounting on metal. Dlya install it to drill a hole diameter of 19mm.

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