Federal Prescription

This article does not teach to burlar the Federal Prescription, it does not teach to declare the goods bought for a lesser value and it does not teach as to order products through the crew of commercial flights. This article teaches to a simple way and insurance to America through the Post Office, what you to want: digital, filmadoras cameras, pendrives, cards of memory, clocks, clothes, eyeglasses, videogames, games, at last, everything what you to imagine. Me the notice is that, if you not to want to pay to the importation tax its purchases you will be limited 50,00 US$ pro time. The good notice is that, same paying to the nonsenses tax changes on importation, still it is possible to buy electronic and other goods oF the United States for a very inferior price to the prices practised in Brazil. In another article that we write we illustrate this difference in a practical example. It sees link in the end of this article. Without more delays, mattering of the United States in four stages: It looks the product that you desire in a great American net. I advise you to prevent the similar Ebay and sites.

All these sites of free commerce the same have problem of the Free Market in Brazil: for each 10 good suppliers have others 10 opportunists to deceive trying you. If you not to find what she looks for below in one of the listed sites, look for in. In the Amazon, beyond the independent salesmen, you also he finds the option to directly buy its imported produt with them, with origin guarantee. They follow some tips of where to look for. Electronic in general (digital, filmadoras machines, telephones, videogames, games, accessories for files of legal documents, etc): Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, JVC, Nintendo, PS3, XBOX360, and you do not find in these store.

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