We are in our city of origin, connected to the internet looking for the best deals for our favorite destination, the Costa del Sol. As we have already planned in advance or have known some who has recommended us, proceed to put us on the website where you can book our hotel in Malaga and our flight, just we need car hire in Malaga airport or nearby with our flight number, so we may pick up and won’t have opportunity to lose ourselves in our first few minutes after arrival at the airport. We have passed the first phase of our journey, the reservations have been made and what we have left is to wait traqnuilos until the appointed day to take our flight. Nears, and with nervousness we are going to save everything we think we are going to need, but don’t worry .always leave us something, is a kind of ritual of our subconscious, that when we give many turns to what we need, and once we will lend hand of the more important we remember, and we cannot imagine how we have been able to exit without that I once went to London and me do take 2 suitcases full of clothes Yes, but adivinais that?, only trousers, which was wearing. My case even being more serious than usual, is a sign for those who have never left the trip. We have our made suitcase, normally a day before our departure, this mode can be saved what we can think and that may need at our adventure. Flying by plane is normally relaxed unless we see UFOs or volcanoes explode jokes aside, it is a short, quiet, flight to my in fact I like the journey from the North to the South of Spain, the change of view of reaching the coast is spectacular due to the airport, I recommend to have your cameras ready to immortalize that moment. .

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