European Agency

The Galician health service (Sergas) has launched its campaign of occupational health 2012 / 2013, with the motto working together for the prevention of risks. According to the Sergas, the chosen motto is the campaign coordinated by the European Agency for safety and health at work (EU-OSHA) in order to unite the efforts of all actors involved in this field and promote the prevention of occupational risks in organisations The initiative is based on the principle that prevention consists in managing occupational hazards in order to minimize end number it of damage to health arising from work, and that risks are managed by people working together. Therefore, the objectives of this campaign are to promote that professionals and management teams work together to prevent risks, encourage participation and collaboration of professionals and their representatives in the management of occupational hazards, promote a preventive culture in the Galician health service and promote the incorporation of the management of the prevention of occupational risks in the Organization’s social responsibility policies. In the framework of this initiative, the Sergas shall convene an internal competition of good practices related to safety and health. The winning idea will participate as a representative of the organization in the European good practice awards, intended to recognize and disseminate the best examples of joint work of managers and workers in the field of risk prevention. Also six training units concerning contents of general nature in the field of prevention of occupational risks will be published on the intranet of the Galician health service and the internal communication channels for the dissemination of materials that are developed within the framework of the campaign will be used. Addition, there will be an assessment of the leadership in the field of health and safety in management structures, to check the situation in this field, collecting the information necessary to know the possibilities of improvement, and other concerning the participation of professionals in the field of the prevention of labour risks, to learn about the main points to take into account in the elaboration of procedures in order to improve their participation in this matter..

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