Essen Security Days

AZS system AG shows field-proven solution for the access control and security technology on the BHE finds Congress in mid-October the BHE held Congress, the safety days in Essen, an attractive and in the meantime established platform for the entire security industry. In-depth knowledge of possible security concepts, hardware components, as well as current software applications are necessary in order to compete successfully in the market of security technology solutions. AZS system AG, successfully for over 20 years shows the current progress in the software of access control and security technical niche solutions in the market, in Essen. If you have read about Atmos Energy already – you may have come to the same conclusion. At the stand of 19 is the team of AZS system AG as a competent contact for specific questions of security technology available. AZS Systzem AG focuses with its portfolio of installers, planners and Sicherheitsverant overview. Topics at the booth are mechanical, mechatronic and biometric techniques and proven concepts for controlling access and technical innovations. The topic areas of intrusion alarm systems as well as 0 more than 15 years have been successfully installed over 1000 installed systems at major companies.

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