Eradication Text

As Ferrara (1991), the text not-verbal it is a language; the not-verbal reading is also firmed as language, in the measure where it evidences the text through the knowledge that from it and on it is capable to produce, that is, is a language language. Ahead of this, the not-verbal text presents diluted in the daily one, spreading in schools macro for the city and incorporating the results of all its micron-languages as the landscape, the urbanization, the architecture, the ambient drawing industrial, the visual communication, the advertising etc., that is, a peculiar way to read the world, a vision-reading, that are incorporated the reality. For in such a way, when considering the language not only as a mere transmission of information, and yes, as mediating between the individual and its natural and social reality, the verbal and not-verbal reading must be considered in the aspect most propitious, that is not of mere decoding, but of the understanding. 3 Description of the Program of Eradication of Infantile Work PETI Project: ‘ ‘ In the wings of leitura’ ‘ it will be applied in the Program of Eradication of Trabalho Infantil (PETI), created for the Federal Government and executed for the City department of Social Development, it is part of a set of public politics, whose main objective is to offer and to take care of to children and adolescents with age enters the 6 15 years of age, except in conditions of apprentice from 14 years. The PETI has as proposal main to eradicate all the considered forms of work as precocious, that is, those that at risk place the health and the security of this public.

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