Energy Communicative

The difficult is to make this interconnection, is to promote in the school a communicative ecosystem that contemplates cultural experiences, the use of the medias of the information and the communication and still to make of the pertaining to school space a place of significant learning in the direction to enchant its participants. It is basic that the man and the nature keep a healthful relation, balanced, as well as a healthy relation is necessary enters communicative ecosystems in the school and that the flow of the relations between the individuals and the groups that it participates unites the access of all to adequate use of the technologies of the information and the communication. ‘ ‘ The express communication the dynamics of the daily one, the social existence of the individual and of the individual in sociedade’ ‘ (MORAN, 1993, p.11).

The actors who act in the ecosystems that perpassam the pertaining to school space are all members of the pertaining to school community: educators, managers, pupils, parents, employees in general, members of the local community. The energy changed between these actors is the communication, is it who promotes interaction ones with the others and with the way, with the collective reality producing in it modifications, that also modify the actors, for thus being, she understands that it is also a dynamic way. So that the pertaining to school or educative communicative ecosystem is in constant balance is necessary that each one of its informing members is felt responsible for the energy flow, partilhando, communicating, opening canals of interaction and integration, that is, of exchanges among others communicative ecosystems. The interrelation between the communication and the education works, from a common substratum that is the communicative action in the educative space, that is, interpersonal, group, organizacional and massiva the communication promoted with the objective of to develop communicative ecosystems through the educative and formative activity.

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