Educative Computer

In this in case that, it was primou for the qualitative character, that is, participation of the pupils in the activities and its interpretations of the readings. However, it was essential for the gauging of the learning, the socialization of works constructed for the pupils in the lessons, as for example: posters, commentaries, construction of concept, culminating with one have asked for teatral. The actions of the project had occurred in the period of novembro/2010 the January of 2011, with practical activities, such as: 1) To request the pupils who, so that let us can carry through the task proposal, recount the history of Red Small hat verbally, in the way that had learned; 2) Exposition of posters with commentary on the new versions of the History of Red Small hat; 3) To consider the typed rewrite of the history of Red Small hat, on the basis of new known versions 4). Immediately afterwards, it will present a teatral Part. The story presents different resources of expression. Therefore, the teacher will have to explain the story, certifing itself of that it does not have no doubt in relation to the understanding of the text; The teacher told that the main problem of the classroom was the lack of concentration of the pupils, since it confused in such a way in the education process, how much in the learning of them, as it was observed during the accomplishment of the research.

In view of brightening up the lack of interest of the pupils and promoting the learning, the teacher worked in room the interpretation of the Story of Red Small hat. It displays that in developing of the activities she perceives that the cognitiva, cooperative learning occurs, the research in group and that the successful interaction increases the learning in the Laboratory of Educative Computer science of the school. In some cases she has an extreme competition, monopoly of determined pupils on the group.

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