The construction dessetrabalho perpassa necessarily for the creation of alternatives of work and geraode income and, still, to think and to articulate the construction of the transformation socialatravs of the logic of the cooperative production. The conception deassociativismo and cooperativismo as an initiative of the workers of geriros processes of work and to assume itself of the product appears in century XIX in umcontexto> of unemployment and not-regulation of the work, fellow creature emalguns aspects what we live deeply today. Anecessidade was placed for the workers to transform established the production relations social subordinated nacooperao, in the appropriation of the product of the work and in the propriedadeprivada one of the means of production (MARX and ENGELS, 1980). ParRibeiro (2002) the concept of popular solidary Economy encloses since the simple formasmais of cooperation, that already are incorporated knowing them of the memriaancestral of the agricultural work, until the more complex associative organizations, with proper statute and regiment. This widening of the understanding of the term solidriapara to accumulate of stocks the cooperative work, of simplest to most complex, restringido for the popular term, that brings implicit two elements: aautogesto of the processes of work and the social classroom that identifies to social ossujeitos associates in cooperatives or for other modalities detrabalho cooperated. According to some authors, the formation of these planned economies and based on the esolidrio collective work, cannot only, if withhold to the productive aspect. They must also estarassociadas to the set of the fight general politics, therefore aoconjunto of the diligent classroom is more important to conquer the power politician of the society, that o to be able necessary for the concrete execution of all the transformation social daestrutura and legal superstructures and politics (MARX & ENGELS, 1980; LENIN, 1980). Visualizarque in last the two years could had an expressive increase of the participation dasComunidades next to the fights local and regional politics in joint comoutras social organizations, showing clearly that it has a process deconscincia that mere transposes the economicista mentality on the part dosQuilombolas.

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