Earth Perception

Do simple until when, oh, amareis the simplicity and the mockers will want to evade, and the foolish hate science? Proverbs 1: 10 22 what happens is that we have not to think about what it means to speak of the human evolution, we are a time on Earth, and then we left, that does not mean that things ended up, than what has happened already was, our life continues after death, and to the new world where we are going, we continue living in society. It is there that we understand the scope of the various religions, because in this life we believe that when we die we pass to collect friends l.a., that has start from that moment will be sure until the final judgment. But humanity persists, cultures persist, our tastes and interests persist, our strengths and weaknesses persist, and of course, our longing for peace and justice, also persist. Let me come back to read, hear these words: any principle of intelligence that we get in this life will rise with us, in the resurrection; and if in this life a person acquires more knowledge and intelligence than other, through their diligence and obedience, to that extent will take the advantage in the next world. Official site: Xerox. Doctrine and covenants 130: 18-19 these are valid principles, not for a particular group of people, is one of the richest that belongs to all mankind. When we have the opportunity that we have to break the barriers between both worlds recalls the experience of Keilah the Witch of Endor the perception that arrives to have the continuity of life, changes radically. And this perception is not limited only to the fact of establishing contact with a mysterious beyond generally conceptualized as something that moves wrapped by a vapor of darkness, ghosts and souls hostel. .

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