Dr Bach

At the beginning of his career, within the landscape and aquatic design, the special attraction that felt by floral species made to begin to mature the idea of creating a system allowing to integrate the knowledge of different therapies floral like Dr Bach and California or the Pacific systems, Bush, St Germain, etc and their own knowledge and experience as therapist and researcher for almost 20 years; from here, after daily meditation that Roman has incorporated as a living system, a certain day in early spring of the year 2000 began to receive the images and messages of healing properties of aquatic plants in flower they were neither nothing more nor nothing less than water lilies and lotuses that both admired and respected long. From that moment he knew that it should be indicated by the spirits or Devas of these flowers, which was writing the message that is was transmitted to him and began to draw up the keys and properties of each water lily in meditative state and then as each day passed was confirming to be in contact with each species of pond and the place that belonged to each variety. This work demanded a time of assimilation of information and even that came the day in which the Devas indicated le mode of preparation of elixirs, which incidentally has some differences with respect to the known methods of obtaining of floral essences, since it should be channelled into a specific place with time and date for each group of flowers reference materials and drafts, in the presence of the species, with drawings and sacred symbols, and finally transmission of properties to glass with forms determined and exposed containers solar energy 3 to 4 hours with mineral water and using vodka as a preservative at the time of packaging and preparation of the essence mother. Complete the entire process, becomes a return of gratitude to the spirits of the water lilies that surprise to Roman once more because although they received their appreciation while preparing the first set of elixirs, simultaneously indicated you that between 14 and 21 varieties more should be prepared in the next few days, task that is brewing because already have indicated you which would be near flowers that would transmit their properties for healing work with the living beings.

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