Discover The Power Of Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are creators. You create your life, your reality, based on the thoughts you have. This is so thanks to a wonderful universal law called the law of attraction. The law of attraction responds to your thoughts, mostly your dominant thoughts and even more so to those who are charged with a strong emotional charge. If the thought is positive, then positive things you attract into your life. If the thought is negative, negative things you attract. It’s that simple. That is why it is vital for your happiness, learn how to differentiate a negative thinking of one positive.

This is easy to do when we become aware of our thoughts. But if we take into account that our minds pass through more than 10,000 thoughts a day, then, we are at a great disadvantage. How to handle more than 10,000 thoughts? It is virtually impossible to have control over our thoughts, but yes you can easily have control over your emotions. For you it is easy to feel if you are sad, depressed, anxious, happy, happy, etc. You identify these emotions very easily. Therefore if you focus your attention on emotions, on how you feel, it will be easy to discover your thoughts that you are harboring are positive or negative. When you feel bad then you know that you are having negative thoughts and, therefore, negative things you are attracting into your life. On the contrary, when you feel good you have positive thoughts and attract into your life things, people and positive events. Already know the power of your thoughts now only must learn to use your thoughts to your favor. FREE download book Digital you are the creator of your life at original author and source of the article

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