Raise the development of sand maker by service As non-renewable resources, ore resources is required to rely on energy saving and environmental friendly mining machinery to develop into a real ecological resources. That will contribute to increasing demands for high standard practical mining machines. In future, mining machinery tend to be more digital, more intelligent, more ecological and more humanized. Thereby, Hongxing Co, in Zhengzhou has developed a series of energy saving, environmental friendly and high efficiency mining machinery, such as hydraulic jaw crusher, hydraulic impact crusher and HCP hydraulic impact crusher. And above all, all of those machines pave the way for entering into new industry market. Besides, Red Star successfully takes this favorable chance, taking every effort researching new type crushing products. We paid great pains and considered issues both efficiency and environment protection based on the scientific energy saving theme. Only to realize the importance of mining production and good service can we are expected to speed up mining construction progress.

Sand maker and mobile station can be widely used for stone crushing reshaping and processing in the industries of high way, railway, hydroelectric station, bridge, tunnel, concrete mixing plant, construction etc. especially for reshaping of the stone and concrete that strength grade above C60, frost resisting, impervious of concrete aggregate and highway road surface Continuous level of stone. It can be used as the second crush equipment of jaw crusher, cone crusher and so on. However, it can be used in the reshaping work independent. Among fine crush equipment, it is the substitution of impact crusher, but its performances are better that impact crusher.Nowadays, the production process of sand maker is not secret in this industry, but the application in the solar energy area is the first time. As we all know, sand maker should be operated in the sun for long time. The idea of charging by the solar energy to the generator is not impossible. In generally, solar energy refers to the sun s radiant energy, normally used for power generation in modern times.

Since the birth of earth the living beings had mainly lived on the heat and light by sun, the sunshine had been known to dry and preserve food by ancient humans, such as making salt making and salted fish, etc. Following the reducing of fossil fuel, the human began to further developed solar energy. There are two ways to use the solar passive energy use (thermal conversion) and the photoelectric conversion. Solar energy is an emerging renewable energy? which is the source of many energy on the earth in the broadest sense, such as wind energy, chemical energy, water potential energy and so on.

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