Design Your Web Site

After choosing the name of your company’s time to find a place to hold the content of your pages (hosting in English). Choosing a Web hosting provider and what services should give you? The approximate cost of hosting with these features equivalent of $ 2 to $ 6 per month. Area .- 20 Megabytes you usually reach for a site with enough content. (Equivalent to 1500 pages approx.) .- Bandwidth is the amount of information your clients can access. 1 Gigabyte enough to support an estimated 10,000 visitors per month. 5 E-mail Accounts .- It is all you need to create accounts of the type,, etc. Support .- Make sure the company will provide support via e-mail and via telephone.

Preferably honting company is located in your geographic area. DEVERTENCIA! Do not ever buy a free hosting service is a death trap for your business also lose credibility and professionalism, you have to put up huge banners advertising and you lose the contents of your website. 3.-Design Your Web Site. Let me also say that you can design your Web page and save about $ 90. And understand it well is not necessary to understand the HTML language (the language that websites are made) Microsoft frontpage is an editor that lets you create your pages without knowing html.

It’s simple, comprehensive, easy to use. Recommendations for the content of your website: Pair make their pages load quickly avoided include many images, graphics or flash, this proved that the Internet has a tolerance of 7 second delay. You must include contact forms on all pages, mailing address, phone, e-mail, it makes your customers feel secure and compliant. Use a good font size neither too large nor too small, a commercial Web sell benefits not products. To stay in touch with your customers is important to build a newsletter. Notice? have an online business does not require a millionaire investment, anyone can have an Internet business with just a few dollars to invest.

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