Czech Interior Ministry

Here add, that the old format of visa extension and pasting her passport to a foreigner will be changed immediately after the entry into force of biometric passports for foreigners. After their entry and use, extension of stay will be a foreigner to get a purely conventional common database, and if necessary to prolong the action of a Czech e-passports. After receiving confirmation of a new term residence alien must come immediately to obtain the document confirming the permission to stay in the Czech Republic at the district administration (obetsny ) with enhanced capabilities in Prague, or municipal government (mestsky ) residence (residence permit foreigner in the Czech Republic) or Management at the address specified by the Ministry (Ministry vnitra) Czech Interior Ministry. Upon receipt of the confirmation of residence permit in the Czech Republic a foreigner is obliged to provide biometric data, fingerprints and personal label for further use in the police database the Czech Republic and identity of the foreigner. Documents on the extension of the residence status of the foreigner is obliged to submit to the Migration Service of the Czech Republic. Conditions for renewal first two-year visa and subsequent two-year visas are identical and not different composition of the required documents. For an alien to obtain two-year visa period of stay in the Czech Republic increased from one year to two years, ie until receipt of the first two-year visa, a foreign citizen must have a minimum two year visa to stay. Duration of stay of at least 90 a day in the period of the annual visa is required for further extension immigrant status.

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