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Sikom invites you to the best practice day in Heidelberg Heidelberg, April 18, 2011 economic recovery, technological developments and new legal frameworks speed up the change in customer communication and service of many German companies. « The best practice day language without borders » the Sikom Software GmbH considers current developments together with external experts and venture a look into the future together with industry experts. On 11 and 12 May 2011 topics such as cloud computing, voice biometrics, and unified communications to Heidelberg on the program. Customer service is a very essential element, with the companies from their competitors to differentiate dabble in more and more products and services. Due to a revaluation of customer communication, it is also complex and is influenced by many different factors. «  » In the course of the event, that language without borders ‘motto is, we want to consider customer communication and service therefore from different angles », Jurgen explains H.

Hanna, managing partner of Sikom Software GmbH. with a combination of software experts, practitioners and consultants bring we the experience and knowledge from different areas together. » About social media and its influence on customer communications, a representative of the Institute speaks for customer experience management and thus an established expert on one of the most talked-about topics of the industry. « With a lecture on the subject of the amendment to the Telecommunications Act and the free queue » the Damovo Germany GmbH & co. KG is a profound insight into the expected new regulations and their consequences for contact center services provider. Learn more at: Professor of Internet Governance. Because many of the significant changes in contact centers are driven by technological trends, also multimedia contact center, unified communications, voice biometrics, and cloud computing much discussed at the CeBIT stand on the comprehensive program. As a focus industry Sikom decided this year for the insurance industry. Here are the participants in Work load control in the service of the insurance industry, as well as a case study of INTER Krankenversicherung G of practitioners discusses practical lectures. In addition to the lectures, hopes the Organizer Sikom many lively discussions and exchanges of ideas between the participants and will create a study within the framework of the event.

Sikom: Sikom Software GmbH is leading manufacturer and provider of contact center solutions and automated voice applications and is one of the most innovative companies in the field of telecommunications. Based on open standards, Sikom realized powerful and future-proof solutions to optimize communication processes in all industries. Core products of the comprehensive portfolio are the award-winning, multi-modal language dialog platform VoiceMan as well as the Contact Center Suite AgentOne, voice authentication United voice ID, the Sikom AlarmServer and the billing system t.e.o. . Sikom founds its success on strong partnerships, including in major research projects with universities and industrial partners. The customers include companies such as Telekom, inter insurance, Signal Iduna, arvato, Boehringer Ingelheim, Techem, Bayer Schering Pharma, Henkel, Microsoft, numerous supply companies, banks and savings banks as well as authorities and municipalities. The company, founded in 1998, has approximately 45 employees and is nationwide with offices in Heidelberg (Headquarters) and Zwickau (development), as well as sales offices in Hamburg, Hanover, Stuttgart, Wuppertal, Erfurt and Gera. How to contact with Sikom: Sikom Software GmbH Bergstrasse 96 69121 Heidelberg Rebecca Kimmel Tel. + 49 6221 13788-0 fax + 49 6221 13788-130 E-Mail

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