Corpus Iuris Civilis

R. H. Barrow in the Romans explains that way were adding peoples, and they granted them a place within the power, more in society and in the economic partners made them.Roman law source that fueled by more than 13 centuries to the whole world and especially to primeval Europe in culture, making the law a way to harmonize the life, laws that allowed the solemnity of the behaviour, the excellence of the coexistence and the way to have the dignity of an old-age pension appropriate to the needs of the age. Ulpiano teaches us three fundamentals of life: live honestly, don’t harm anyone and give each what is theirs. What simplicity of analysis!, that conceptual deep respect and be respected, not corrupt or be corrupted, no harm to anyone, because stealing into the coffers of the State is is causing damage to the people who need what the corrupt-thief steals.The wonder of the Corpus Iuris Civilis, jurists illuminated by the grace of the higher or divine. Everyone sees in the Greeks as in the Romans performed a near-perfect work that must be defended, to bring it back to the source, with the changes that now requires but always within the excellence of Gaius, Tribonio, Theofilo, Marcelo, Paulo, reaching Justinian I to thank as members of the genus human who bequeathed us.They are trying in some faculties of depriving the Roman law, this situation is no accident, nor can we remain silent. Some Romanists renowned should take the post which humanity inherited. The time that the crisis came moral, already became structural, the wisdom of the great architects of the jurisprudence is required. We are watching us some others horrified by observing events of the starvation of human beings, crying out in the desert without that nobody answers them, before death more cruel, abject poverty, is preferable to dying to see their children faint of discouragement, they are not being defended with all the forces that the conviction and culture granted us, with much less in bygone times had already launched EL COMIT? CRISIS and hundreds of centers of study and clarification in the whole world.

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