Corporate Networks Easy

The tripunkt GmbH published on September 14, 2010 the new program version of the innovative network information system Pathfinder Pathfinder 2.0 is the documentation and administration of networks easier and more intuitive. The users benefit especially from the new operating concept and the new navigation and search functions. Hote, a network information system, so Sebastian May guide the tripunkt GmbH, must be simple and powerful at the same time. The problem is that IT – and telecommunications networks in day-to-day business can be documented mostly only incidentally. Being a full network documentation but fo r resource-saving deal with the own infrastructure requirement, m uences such network information system specific requirements erfu cases.

On the one hand, the software must be quick and efficient in order to compete in the hectic daily business. On the other hand, the operation should be easy and above all intuitive to provide a time-saving access to all network data. These requirements have been met in the new program version implemented successfully, so Sebastian May. Pathfinder 2.0 provides powerful new features available ugung, supply records of the not only experts, but also beginners and amateurs build a network documentation the user. To the implementation of the new control concept, for example, the controls of the old version were visibly reduces currency to ensure a clear menu r & d. The program interface has been completely u redacted and now all program functions in detail describes the user. A new notification system provides administrators the most important events and information.

Thus, the program interface of Pathfinder 2.0 is completely self-explanatory. 2.0 users will benefit from the new search and navigation in the Pathfinder. The front and back is possible ckblattern between actions and records by recording the navigation history. An interactive navigation path is also suitable for the control. A central (also fuzzy) matching prepares structured search results and Intelligent on and also serves the navigation. R, interested parties are r & d screenshots, and trial versions of Pathfinder 2.0 on the company’s Web site pathfinderzweinull.html to the has been gung. Pathfinder is developed by tripunkt GmbH, a company based in Berlin. tripunkt develops software solutions that help companies and teams to accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently. Since 2006 the Pathfinder product developed a database-driven software to document of physical and logical connections from IT – and TK networks tripunkt. Customers include district offices, municipalities, insurance companies or universities. The Berlin-based company operates already for ten years as a software developer and service provider. Interested parties have the opportunity to discover the functionalities of Pathfinder in a live presentation. These take place via the Internet and on request also on-site at the company. For more information about the company, products or trial versions will find interested parties under. How to contact with tripunkt GmbH Dana Camus stanchion str.

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