Confectionary – are the products most of which consists of sugar or other sweet substances, as well as molasses, various fruits and berries, milk, butter, cocoa beans, kernels, flour and other ingredients. In mostly sweet foods, which differ in taste and pleasant aroma, beautiful appearance, high-calorie, nutritional value and good digestibility. A variety of confectionery products are divided into two Groups: Sugar and flour. To include sugar, fruit and berry products, candies, dragees, chocolate, cocoa powder, chocolates, toffees, halva and oriental sweets. By pastries include cookies, cakes, cakes, waffles, muffins, rum baba, rolls, pastries oriental sweets. Range produced in our country confectionery diverse, constantly changing and has about 5000 names.

Nutritional value Confectionery available due to their complex substances necessary to human body (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, etc.). In today's manufacturing confectioner necessary have a good sense of smell and delicate flavors skillfully combine flavors in varying proportions to produce products with a nice subtle flavor and aroma. According to the qualifying characteristics of confectioner must have the necessary practical skills and specific knowledge, such as: the basic properties of raw materials and intermediates used to prepare pastry, flours and their properties; range manufactured products, methods of organoleptic assessment of quality of raw materials and semifinished products, technology and mode of preparation of confectionery products, as well as creams and lipsticks; way to finish your lipstick, marzipan, chocolate and cream. Considering the wishes of the modern buyer, special orders for sweets is not uncommon. When planning a holiday meal on the table is almost the most basic component.

If before surprise visitors exclusive dishes could only afford a wealthy population, now create a unique and exclusive cake everyone can afford. Not one day of birth did not take place without the need for a cake with wishes and kind words from friends and relatives. What can we say about the wedding festivities, for which the cake has to be not only a tasty treat for guests, but also represent the beauty of this event. Wedding Cakes by individual sketches and suggestions are more than a week, and edible accessories, decorating a cake worthy to be exposed to the most famous exhibitions in famous museums around the world. Turn pastry into a work of art can only true master of his loyal apprentices who are rich in experience, many years of practice, and sugar hearts. Work can be a talented pastry chef equate to the creation of the painter and sculptor, requires the artistic taste, especially the sense of light and form. Confectionary – it's the sweetest, than we used to celebrate their joys and sorrows of his stick. In such moments do not think nothing, wanting only to enjoy the great taste, which is why confectionery craft requires special treatment of their employees. Create enjoyment to people is not the easiest task, which requires painstaking and delicate approach. As one well-known master of sweet art: "Only the tremulous love for his work – the main ingredient."

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