Computers and Photography

Personally, I am happy if I can take pictures at least 100 days a year – and it has become possible only after I instructed printing and processing of files to other people and stopped to sit in the lab and the computer. These 100 days – slightly more than the time I would have had to take pictures, giving her all his weekends and vacations as an amateur. Largely amateur photography has its advantages. Are you going to shoot when you want and what you want on a rainy day, allowing himself to lie in bed. Throwing away or simply never show any photo that does not become perfect, created under ideal conditions. In most cases of occupational picture involves the implementation of what others want from you and in time, which is set by them and it seems acceptable to them. As a result, you are often responsible for the fact that not obliged to do, are responsible for their own and others' work. Very often, you find that the work is not the best way, because for each quotation or contract, is hiding a certain budget time and it limited.

In reality, the customer gets the best of the short time that he measured out, although it is not always the best thing that could make the photographer. And this brings us back to clear ideas that are often not particularly the difference between "quality" of professional and amateur footage. Lover is always a splendid opportunity: to compare your best shots with the work of professionals, which was done in a very short time and with a strictly given budget, which made conditions far from ideal.

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